Members Say “Vote Yes” on CPN

CPN is excited and thrilled at the amazing out pour of support this platform has received from members. When Collective Power Network launched in February our draft program had only 28 co-signers from five chapters. Today we are proud to announce that over 260 members from over 60 chapters across the country have signed on in support. We believe this demonstrates a clear desire among members for mass organizing and effective models and strategies for our work and a mandate for those delegates who listen to the call for such a model.

We’re grateful to everyone who’s signed on, or come to one of our delegate forums, called for a late-night chat, asked for clarity, and debated with us. Together we believe we have sharpened not just our ideas but all those being brought to convention. Lets get to Atlanta where we as a membership can shape the future of DSA!

Member names are listed by name, chapter, office, national committee/working group, and any caucus affiliation they might have. Co-signers have endorsed the entire platform unless otherwise noted next to the name (i.e. “100K, OFC” would indicate only having signed on to those proposals). Many people indicated their office as some variation of committee or working group chair or point person. We’ve labeled these comrades office as “WG Lead”. Chapters and caucuses that have endorsed the CPN platform are indicated by their emblem. Abbreviations for resolutions are:

LBR – Resolution 3

100K – Resolution 2

INTL – Resolution 4

ROs – Resolution 26 & Amendment 16

OFC – Statement on the National Office

Its not too late to stand with your comrades and send a message to Atlanta by signing on! We will update and grow the list between now and convention.

Aaron Warner, Los Angeles, LSC
ABal, Twin Cities (100K, OFC, INTL)
Abdullah Younus, New York City, National Electoral Committee, Socialist Majority
Abeer Javed, Denver, Steering (ROs, LBR, INTL)
Adam, Denver (LBR, INTL, ROs)
Addison Kane, Tallahassee
Adriana D., Los Angeles
Alec Desbordes, New Orleans
Alex Park, Los Angeles, WG Lead
Alex Telecky, North Texas, WG Lead
Alexander Burnside, El Chuco Del Norte (LBR, ROs, INTL, 100K)
Alexander Karpov, Northwest Arkansas
Alexander McCoy, New York City (ROs, LBR, 100K, OFC)
Allen Chinn, Ventura County
Alli DeJong, New Orleans
Allison Tebbe, New Orleans, WG Lead
Andreas Agiorgitis, Boston
Andrew Knox, Philadelphia, Momentum (100K, OFC, INTL)
Andrew Niemann, New Orleans, WG Lead
Andrew Sekellick, Greater Baltimore
Andy Slocum , Denver, WG Lead (LBR, INTL, ROs)
Angela Buck, Denver (LBR, ROs, INTL)
Annabel Vera, Sacramento, Democratic Socialist Labor Commission
Anne Orchier, Los Angeles, WG Lead (ROs, 100K, INTL)
Anthony Haddad, Central Sierra Foothills, Treasurer
Arcadia Schmid, Chicago, YDSA

In Their Own Words…
This is awesome and extremely necessary work! Our chapter has been talking about the need for intermediary structures and was talking about writing a resolution to that end ourselves (to speak to your point about duplication of work). Thanks for putting this together!

Arielle Sallai, Los Angeles
Asele Mack, Northwest Arkansas
Ashley Allison, Boston
Austin Warrington, Metro DC, WG Lead
Benjamin Davis, Metro DC
Benjamin Hoffman, New Orleans, WG Lead
Beth Jones, Baton Rouge, Co-Chair
Billy Gagon, Piedmont (ROs)
Blair Patrice Minnard, New Orleans
Blanca Estevez, Northwest Arkansas, Co-Chair, AfroSoc
Brad Chester, Metro DC
Brandon Hinke, Metro DC
Brandon Rey Ramirez, Los Angeles, WG Lead, Socialist Majority
Brett Belcastro, Pioneer Valley
Brian Escobar, Syracuse, Co-Chair, Socialist Majority (ROs, LBR, 100K, INTL)
Brian Wivell, Metro DC, Treasurer
Cameron Sheehan, Tallahassee
Cate Root, New Orleans
Chas E, Greater Baltimore, Steering (INTL, LBR, 100K)
Chris Howell, Cleveland
Chris Middleman, Seattle (ROs, OFC)
Chris V, Metro DC
Christian Bowe, Metro DC, National Political Committee (LBR, 100K)
Christian Brooks, Northeast Tennessee
Christian Kalled, Southern New Hampshire, WG Lead
Christopher Curley, New Orleans, WG Lead
Clayton Strawn, Santa Cruz
Cobra Cobrastein, Metro DC
Conor Jansen, Chicago
Conrad Martin, Northwest Arkansas
Cosby Hayes, Tallahassee, Co-Chair

Denver (LBR, INTL, ROs)

D, Lawrence
Dan Taylor, Kanawha Valley, Co-Chair
Daniel Moran, Tallahassee
Daniel Dominguez, Los Angeles
Daniel Hafner, Metro DC, Ecosocialist Caucus
Daniel Merrill, Metro Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky
Danielle Aubert, Detroit, Steering
Danny Martin, Harrisburg, Steering
Danya Lagos, New York City, Steering, Socialist Majority (100K)
David Duhalde, Metro DC, International Committee, Socialist Majority (ROs, LBR, 100K)
David Roddy, Sacramento
David Young, Denver
Davis Grubin, Metro DC
Debi Barrett, Tallahassee
Dennis Prater, Northeast Tennessee, Treasurer
Devin Moore, Northwest Arkansas
Dieter Lehmann, Metro DC
Dominick Lozano, Sacramento
Drew, Los Angeles
Duane Campbell, Sacramento, National Immigrants Rights Working Group, North Star (LBR, ROs)
EJ Smith, North Texas, Steering
Elissa Laitin, Metro DC
Elizabeth Golden, Metro DC
Emily Reynolds, Champlain Valley, Co-Chair
Emma Caterine, New York City, Socialist Majority
Emma Steiner, Metro DC
Emmanuel Segura, New Orleans

In Their Own Words…
Great work on the labor reso. It’s precisely the multi-pronged approach that I and others advocate for locally. 

Emmette Dumesnil, New Orleans
Erik Apland, Chico
Ezra P, Los Angeles, WG Lead
Forrest D., Los Angeles
Frances Gill, New Orleans, Secretary
Francisco C., Los Angeles, Democratic Socialist Labor Commission
Frank Santos Fritz, Metro DC, Branch Steering (LBR, 100K)
Gabriel Rodriguez, Metro DC, Steering
Geoffrey Meldahl, Chattanooga, Co-Chair
Gill, Denver
Glynnis Ritchie, New Orleans
Griffin Buell, Pioneer Valley, Steering
Guy Gibeau, Harrisburg, Steering
Hannah Allison, Lawrence, WG Lead, Socialist Majority
Hannah Hoar de Galvan, New Orleans, WG Lead
Hayden Griffin, Middle Tennessee
Heather Frost, Philadelphia, (ROs, OFC, LBR)
Irene Koo, Metro DC, Steering
J. Lewis, New Orleans
Jack Mumby, Metro DC
Jack Porter, Tallahassee
Jack Suria-Linares, Los Angeles, National Political Committee
Jacquelyn Smith, Metro DC
Jake Douglas, Denver, Steering
Jake W, Metro DC
Jamal Abed-Rabbo, Chicago
James McDonough, Honolulu, Socialist Majority
James Patterson, Las Vegas, Steering
James Ponder, New Orleans
Jared Abbott, Boston (100K, ROs)
Jasson Perez, Chicago, AfroSoc
Jay C., Metro DC, National Electoral Committee
Jeffrey Barrois, New Orleans, WG Lead

Capital District (INTL)

Jeremy L., Metro DC, LSC
Jess Newman, Detroit, Steering
Jesse Drew, Sacramento (ROs)
Jessica Dixon, Sacramento, Co-Chair
Jessie Sahakian, Huron Valley
Jim Williams, Tacoma & Pierce County (LBR)
Joaquin Chavez, Sacramento
Joey Renner, Sacramento
John Gautreaux , New Orleans
John B, North Texas, Co-Chair (ROs, LBR, 100K)
John G, Metro DC
John Parker, Sacramento, WG Lead
John Pokorski, Milwaukee
John Shaban, Sacramento (LBR)
Jonah Paul, Sacramento, Co-Chair
Jordan E, Los Angeles, WG Lead
Jordan Falciani, New Orleans, Co-Chair
Josh Millhouse, Philadelphia, Momentum
Justice Lovin, San Antonio, Secretary
Justin Silver, New York City
Kara Malin, At Large
Karen Walker Brogan, Sacramento
Kathleen Trambley, Denver (LBR, ROs, INTL)
Kelsey Brewer, Sacramento (ROs, LBR, 100K, INTL)

Socialist Majority Caucus (LBR, ROs, INTL, 100K)

Kevin Wall, Inland Empire (LBR, ROs, INTL)
Kim S., Metro DC
Kofi Biney, Philadelphia
Kristian Hernandez, North Texas
Kurt Stand, Metro DC, North Star
L. Vera, Central Sierra Foothills
Leo Gertner, Metro DC
Leone Hankey , Los Angeles (LBR, 100K, INTL)
Lexi Acello, Northwest Arkansas (LBR, OFC, 100K, ROs)
Logan Yates, New Orleans
Luke D, Denver
Luke Schwiebert, Portland (LBR, 100K, ROs)
Maddie Hanhardt, Seattle, Co-Chair, Socialist Majority
Madeline Gill, Baton Rouge
Maikiko James, Los Angeles, WG Lead, Socialist Majority
Mariah Wood, Denver
Mario Hernandez, Ithaca (ROs)
Mark D’Arensbourg, New Orleans
Mark Hackler, Madison Area, Venezuela Solidarity (100K, INTL)
Mark Masaoka, Los Angeles, National Electoral Committee, Socialist Majority
Marshall Mayer, Helena, Socialist Majority (100K, LBR, INTL, ROs)
Matt K, Salt Lake City
Matthew Agar, Metro DC (100K)
Matthew Markezich, Piedmont

In Their Own Words…
The Collective Power Network is simultaneously the most expansively ambitious and the most practical internal grouping within the Democratic Socialists of America – the vision offered by CPN is not merely a morally just one but also a analytically correct one. They offer a way forward for this organization, out of the role of minor player in the greater American institutional contests into that of a force to be reckoned with in its own right. Their understanding of power and its nature, that it is a means of giving the American working classes and oppressed peoples the ability to exercise their own authority against the growing influence of reactionary authoritarianism as well as force to unify them in shared struggle in order to cement their sense of purpose and ensure it remains strong even during times of setback is why I endorse the Collective Power Network’s proposals. I see them having a pivotal role in shaping the DSA for a long time to come.

Matthew Stanley, Tallahassee
Matthew Williams, Central Sierra Foothills
Matthew Wilson, New Orleans
Megan Somerday, Piedmont, Co-Chair
Meghan Morales, Seattle, LSC (LBR, 100K, ROs)
Melody Yee, Sacramento
Michael Ifeoma, New Orleans, Co-Chair
Michael Stenovec, Los Angeles, Jewish Solidarity Caucus (ROs, 100K, INTL, OFC)
MJM, South Jersey, Socialist Majority (ROs, LBR)
Morgan Dowdy, New Orleans, WG Lead
Nada Daher, Detroit, Steering
Nadia Jai, New Orleans, AfroSoc
Nate K, Metro Atlanta, YDSA, Socialist Majority
Nate S., Metro DC, Steering
Nathan Arries, Richmond Metro
Nathan Hudson, Northwest Arkansas
Nathan Mann, Sacramento
Nicholas Brownstein, Piedmont
Nick Clyde, Sacramento, Secretary
Nick D’Andrea, Orange County, Treasurer
Nik Robbins, Northwest Arkansas
Noah Baron, San Fransisco, Steering, North Star (ROs, LBR, 100K, OFC)
Olivia Warren de Lutzelbourg, Milwaukee
Paloma Nafarrate, Los Angeles
Parker McQueeney, Pioneer Valley (INTL, ROs, 100K)
Patricio Cambias, Metro Atlanta
Peter Brogan, Sacramento, WG Lead
Peter Gowan, Metro DC
Peter T, Piedmont (ROs, LBR)
Quinn Albright, Northwest Ohio

Phoenix (INTL)

Raya, Metro Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky, Co-Chair (LBR, OFC, 100K, ROs)
Renny Cullen, Metro DC, WG Lead
Rex LC, East Bay, Steering
Riley D, North Texas
Robert Prehn, New Orleans
Robert Valenzuela, Denver, Steering
Ron H, Space Coast
Russell Weiss-Irwin, Boston, WG Lead, Socialist Majority
Ryan J, New Orleans
Ryan Kelly, Los Angeles
Ryan Mosgrove, Metro DC
Ryan Sparks, New Orleans
Sage Jones, Whatcom County (ROs)
Sam Forman, Los Angeles
Sam Greenup, Sacramento
Samantha Brown, Sacramento
Sarah Saunders, Sacramento
Scott C, Los Angeles, WG Lead
Seneca Savoie, Austin, Steering, LSC (ROs, LBR)
Sergio, Los Angeles
Seth Falstein, Los Angeles
Shamus Cooke, Portland
Shaun Navarro, Las Vegas, Steering
Shelby L., Los Angeles, Steering (INTL, 100K, ROs, OFC)
Shepard Emry, At Large
Simon R., Sacramento
Sonia Hupfeld-Cousineau, Piedmont (ROs)
Sophie Kunen, New Orleans
Spencer Brown, Boston (ROs, 100K, INTL, LBR)
Stefan Bishop, Metro DC (ROs)
Stefan Gnapp, Tallahassee
Stephen Price, New Orleans, Treasurer
Steve Couch, Los Angeles (LBR, 100K, OFC, INTL)

In Their Own Words…
CPN is lit!

Stuart Karaffa, Metro DC, Steering
Sue Caskey, Philadelphia
Sue Mobley, New Orleans
Sumter Alton, Metro Atlanta, YDSA
Susheela Narayan, Los Angeles, WG Lead
Tal L, Los Angeles
Ted Swedenburg, Northwest Arkansas
Thomas Bradtke, Metro DC
Timothy Zhu, Honolulu, Socialist Majority
Trey Daniel, New Orleans
Tristan Brown, Sacramento
Tyler C. , Oklahoma City
Tyler Curtis, New York City, WG Lead, Socialist Majority (LBR)
Valencia Whitehurst, Metro DC
Waleed Ahmad, Denver
Wamiq Chowdhury, Piedmont (ROs)
Whitney Prater, Northeast Tennessee
Will H, Miami, Steering
William Earnest, Tallahassee
William Fiore, North Central West Virginia
William Jukes, Piedmont (LBR, ROs)
Xue Lee, Northwest Arkansas
Yama Rahyar, Long Beach
Yliana Velazquez, New Orleans
Zachary Renfro, Northwest Arkansas
Zack Pattin, Tacoma & Pierce County, WG Lead, Socialist Majority (LBR, ROs, 100K)
Zoe Wells, Northeast Tennessee, Secretary, Socialist Majority

Its not too late to stand with your comrades and send a message to Atlanta by signing on! We will update and grow the list between now and convention.