Internationalism Resolution


When we say “socialism or barbarism,” we aren’t talking about a just world inside some borders and cataclysm outside them. We fully reject the idea of winning meaningful freedom for some; our fight is for freedom and justice for all.

Now is the time to act. Our international comrades already bear the brunt of the global destruction of capitalism, and we know that within the next generation, climate change will bring even greater devastation to the global working class. If we want to build a future where the people can win, we need to start organizing with our comrades internationally now.

A Truly Internationalist DSA

The global nature of capital means that there can be no emancipation of the US working class without the emancipation of the working class worldwide. DSA must fully embrace its role as a truly internationalist organization: this means both integrating and supporting the struggles of immigrant and migrant workers here in the US, while also forging direct relationships with global working class organizations internationally.

Building Solidarity Across the Americas

CPN’s Internationalism Resolution directs the NPC and International Committee to work together to establish relationships with left, socialist and working class organizations across the world, prioritizing relations with movements in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, the Caribbean, Latin America, and US imperial holdings including Puerto Rico, and to offer material and symbolic solidarity and support to these movements.

A Transparent, Diverse, and Accountable International Committee

CPN’s Internationalism Resolution mandates that the International Committee develop clear and public rules for membership in the Committee, and that committee applications of undocumented, migrant, or immigrant workers or their children be prioritized.

CPN’s Resolution also requires the International Committee to issue both quarterly bulletins of news and analysis of major developments relevant to working peoples, as well as an annual report documenting the Committee’s activity, progress, and future plans.


Why are we prioritizing support with Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Latin America?

The flows of labor and capital are such that for most of the country, these are the areas most directly connected to the US and most impacted by American imperialism.

How do we divide capacity between achieving mass reforms within the U.S., and building a true internationalist socialist movement?

Part of our work is to build an internationalist perspective in all of our work. We already do this, which is why one of our Medicare for All principles require universal coverage regardless of citizenship. Our resolution highlights the fact that the U.S. working class already is multinational, and that even international work begins at home.


Building the DSA International Committee

Whereas, all countries exist economically within the system of the global market, and politically within systems of imperialism; and

Whereas, capitalism as a contemporary global system will only be effectively dismantled and ultimately replaced through the international collaboration and organization of the working classes of all countries and nationalities; and

Whereas, the emancipation of the US working class is conditional upon the emancipation of the international working class as a whole; and

Whereas, the US working class is itself multinational, internationalism at home means developing concrete steps to support and integrate the struggles of immigrant and migrant workers in the US—these include struggles for political rights as well as economic struggles embedded within the broader labor movement; and

Whereas, DSA, as the largest socialist organization in the most powerful imperialist country on Earth, has an urgent responsibility to vigorously oppose the violence and exploitation waged by the U.S. ruling class against our fellow workers in other countries; and

Whereas, in pursuit of international class solidarity and the unification of diverse struggles into a global movement for emancipation, DSA must forge bonds with socialist and working class organizations across all borders and languages; and

Whereas, an effective and orderly International Committee is necessary for DSA to transition into an internationalist organization, one through which immigrants and workers of color can build power and address needs; therefore be it

Resolved, that the Convention directs the National Political Committee (NPC) to cooperate with the International Committee to meet the following goals:

  1. to establish relations with left, socialist, and working class organizations across the world through a strategic vetting process accountable to the NPC,
  2. to offer material and symbolic forms of solidarity to left movements, organizations, communities, and individuals targeted by hostile institutions and social forces in other countries,
  3. to support the political and economic struggles of migrant workers and immigrants in the U.S.,
  4. to educate, advise, and organize the general membership on international matters, and
  5. to foster coordination between the International Committee, and local Chapters and Regional Organizations; and be it

Resolved, that the International Committee shall prioritize establishing relations with socialist and working class organizations in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Latin America broadly, especially organizations with a genuinely mass character; and be it

Resolved, that the NPC through the International Committee shall be required to issue to the general membership of DSA quarterly bulletins disseminating news and analysis of major international developments, as well as annual reports documenting Committee activity, progress, and expectations due by the first day of every year; and be it

Resolved, that the NPC through the International Committee shall develop clear rules and standards governing membership in the Committee, and shall make these rules known to the general membership of DSA; and that all Committee membership rules and standards shall be bound by the following conditions:

  1. that only DSA members in-good-standing shall be eligible for Committee membership,
  2. that Committee members shall reflect the democratic socialist and internationalist values of the organization as a whole; and
  3. that the Committee shall privilege applicants who are undocumented workers, migrant workers, immigrants, or the children thereof.